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BCR Financial Services LLC, is an independent Investment Advisor and full service financial planning firm, with offices north, south, and west of Pittsburgh, PA. BCR services clients across a full range of financial planning needs, from those just starting their careers to those focusing on retirement and complex estate planning needs. BCR deals with business owners, large and small, business executives, those who have recently added someone to their family, as well as those who have just lost a loved one. BCR advisors assist people close to retirement, as well as people far from that thought. Multi generational planning is one of their specialties.

Although client situations are diverse, each client that BCR works with shares a common goal: to make the most out of what they have, in the most efficient, and unbiased way possible. BCR employs comprehensive financial planning techniques to help their clients pursue financial freedom. BCR develops individual financial game plans, grounded with sound realistic goals. Clients provide their unique personal financial information, which, in turn, BCR uses to address areas of financial planning such as Personal Financial Position, Protection Planning, Income Tax Strategies, Retirement, and Estate Planning.

By maintaining ongoing contact with clients, we believe BCR accomplishes the ability to provide superior customer services for investment advisory services and financial game plans. Clients need to stay constantly involved in the relationship and work with their advisor to help manage their ongoing and ever changing relationship.

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